About Us

You can always find me @ rewski.com


Not only am I a tech loving gadget junkie, but also a father of two children and husband to a beautiful and talented wife. Not to mention, a Family Physician and Medical Informaticist. Let the good times roll.

Stay tuned for a growing team of TechDadCO Contributors!

  • @TechBroCA – brother of @TechDadCO, father of two, and just as addicted to consumer tech, hailing from left coast Northern Bay Area
  • @TechDogMomCO – Coworker of @TechDadCO providing a lady perspective to our followers (and dog lovers), hailing originally from the cheese capital of OR (Tillamook), now representing north Denver Metro
  • @TechTwinDadCO – Coworker of @TechDadCO and father of twins keeps his hands full, but still passionate about consumer and health tech, hailing from the (way) south side of Denver

Keep up with the Tech Dad CO Crew

Follow me on Twitter @adamcarewe, Instagram @techdadco, and LinkedIn

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