Chatting with ChatGPT: My First Impressions of the AI-Powered Language Model

Not sure what ChatGPT is specifically? How do you get started using it? I’ll help address those questions and more below.

OpenAI is the company behind ChatGPT (and several other AI technologies). Over the last several weeks its usage has blown up in the media and overall use. Friends are mentioning it on social media (like the example of having it create a custom bedtime story for their kids using their names and a brief topical prompt) and my colleagues in Healthcare Technology are blogging about it. It is all over Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook so it is clearly transcending more than the typical early adopter nerds.

OpenAI the creators of ChatGPT

If you have not tried this yet…try it

So what is the purpose of ChatGPT and why did OpenAI create it? From their own ChatGPT website, they state the purpose is: Optimizing Language Models for Dialogue. They specifically explain the model as the following:

So what can you do with it?

How about we just ask ChatGPT! The possibilities are endless, you just have to figure out the prompting question like the example below.

OK I am intrigued…how to I start using it?

Super easy to start:

  1. Navigate to the ChatGPT Website:
  2. Create a free account
  3. Start asking questions and playing with it

TechDadCO’s Take

This is just the tip of the iceberg for this type of technology but be ready for this to become an everyday part of our lives very soon.

Let us know in the comments below what cools things ChatGPT has helped you answer or create!


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