Peloton Gamifies the Bike and Bike+ with Lanebreak

Hit the “Beats” to get points

Lanebreak has been in Beta for a while but was just released to the masses for all those with a Peloton Bike or Bike+. The game is simply: Use the resistance nob to change lanes – Left is easier and right is harder. You change lanes to hit a variety of points in different ways until you end your game….ride at the top of the Leaderboard (Just like an arcade game!)

Curated Games matched to music playlists range from 5-30 minutes

You start by selecting your Game, ranging from a quick warmup to a 30-minute sweat drenched ride. You get to choose an overall level of difficulty, then jump in!

Streams are sections that you need to maintain a specified cadence

Along the way you hit “Beat” runs (as shown above at the top of the article) or “Streams” (where you maintain a set cadence) or “Breakers” (where you do a quick spin-up to hit at least 100% or go for bonus 200%!)

Breakers reward you with quick spin-ups!

At times you will be presented with two lanes to choose from…an easier or a harder option. Take the hard one to rack up the points!

TechDadCO’s Take

Lanebreak if filled with LOTS of short bursts of speed!

I’ve been using a Bike (then Bike+) for years now and am a huge fan of Peloton. All-in-all, Peloton has a nice winner in this added software option of Lanebreak. I took my first “game” this morning thinking it would do an “easy” 20-minute session. Well, that competitive spirit was unleashed as I aimed for a high score. Overall, I think this is a great addition to mix-up the classes and still get a solid workout! More info can be found on the Peloton Blog.

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