Remote Telemedicine and Meeting Essentials

Working remotely from home as a physician (this @techdadcolo is a practicing physician and informaticist) can be a challenge without some simple equipment. Most clinicians are working from a personal or company issued computer that likely already has a camera integrated (to handle your video feed), but juggling the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system and the platform for the actual video visit can be a chore. Having a quality audio/microphone is key as well. Many Telemedicine platforms also have a mobile phone companion or option, allowing you to work on the computer for the EHR and use the mobile device for the actual Video Visit conversation. But how do you hold your phone, type on the keyboard, and navigate on the computer? Below are a few “extras” that help this work from home setup.

Working Directly on Your Computer

A simple but quality USB microphone headset is typically the best setup, as the microphone is directly in front of your mouth so it will pick up your voice and not much background noise. Most also either have one or two speaker earphones so the conversation or meeting remains private.

The Koss single ear USB headset (pictured above) is a great choice, as are many others ranging from similar basic setup to complex noice cancelling microphones and ear phones.

This example uses an audio cable instead of USB

There are also audio cable headsets that support speaker and microphone, but you need to make sure the port on your computer supports audio and microphone through the same jack! Some older computers used two separate ports.

Click here to see many other USB options that are available for purchase.

Using your Mobile Phone and Computer together?

Using your mobile phone as the “second screen” to free up the computer for typing is also a wise choice. But getting the phone positioned correctly can be a challenge. Some simple (yet adjustable) phone stands can help this setup!

A simple adjustable phone or tablet stand like this one from LISEN is a great option. This allow vertical positioning and access to the power jack to keep your mobile device charged up and ready for a day of work.

The Lamicall Flexible Gooseneck Mount is a sturdy and long option

Another great option is a gooseneck holder ( like this one from Lamicall) that can clip and anchor to your desk or monitor to allow nearly infinite positioning of your mobile device.

The Aduro Solid Grip is another great option

This one by Aduro is also a solid option that is a bit more cost effective.

Lots of other options exist too! Check out these available options.

Please let me know your thoughts or other helpful tips for working from home or remotely! Take care and be safe.

Disclaimer: “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

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