Time is now: Jump on the Peloton Bandwagon

UPDATE 4/21/20: Peloton will start streaming LIVE from their world class instructor’s home….to your home!

Exercise is key for both your body and mind. John Foley and crew at Peloton have stepped up to make this easy to exercise platform and equipment in a compelling suite of studio quality classes for so many different types of exercise.

Peloton has responded to the COVID-19 crisis, even temporarily suspending live content this month but the bike can still be delivered! Get $100 in free Accessories with your Bike Purchase with this code: QFHKKG

Last July in 2019 I shared my experience with the Peloton bike. Since then we have added the Tread to our home and are so thankful we have both to keep this household active.

Right now if you order a bike (Tread is currently not delivering) they will deliver it to your front door threshold to minimize contact for their delivery crew and your household.

Considering a Peloton bike? Definitely read my review of the platform and if you decide to purchase make sure to get $100 in free accessories.

Get $100 in free Accessories with your Bike Purchase with this code: QFHKKG

Enjoy the ride!

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