Tesla is going to explode in 2020

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As many of you know, I’m a huge fan and supporter (and long term investor) of Tesla. This year (2020) Tesla is poised to make HUGE strides. Most people think of Tesla as the company of electric vehicles (which they do…and they are amazing machines), but Tesla’s energy division is likely going to surpass its auto business soon (and may even happen in 2020.)

And as of today, they have dropped the prices even more for their solar panels!

Tesla Solar Roof and Model 3

With solar panels, the new 3rd gen solar roof, and energy storage solutions (battery back up) for both residential and commercial offerings they have the complete package. Also for those who live in an area with time of day peak electricity pricing (which my home state of CO is finally shifting to next year), makes the economics of solar and battery storage even more strong. Being able to store excess production and use the battery backup to supplement peak times is a no brainer for the environment (and your wallet).

And unless you have been living in a box, you have seen their stock go through the roof recently. Keep an eye on the crazy yet brilliant Elon Musk and also consider taking a look at Tesla’s products. But be forewarned, do NOT test drive a Model 3, S, or X (or the upcoming Y) unless you are ready to be obsessed with getting one! (this happened to both my brother and brother in law – both happy proud Model 3 owners).

The Model Y will complete the “S3XY” offerings

If you are interested in the cars or their solar/storage products feel free to use my referral link to receive 1000 free SuperCharger miles worth of charging or $250 off any of the solar purchase or rental products:

TechDadCO’s Tesla Referral Link: http://ts.la/adam2553

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