Spark – The Superior Alternative Email Client

Achieve “Inbox Zero” Daily

Hands down best email client

Spark Mail App has been around for quite some time for iOS and Android (and also Mac desktop/laptop more recently). Hailing from the Ukraine, Readdle has a host of mobile applications, but Spark stands out as one of my long term favorites.

Let’s Cut to the Chase

So why is this email client better than the mobile default?

Three primary reasons:

  • Smart Inbox – Spark automatically collates your emails into intelligent like categories
Smart Groupings of your emails
  • Smart Notifications – intelligent and configurable notifications for only the emails you really care about. So you don’t get a Ping for every email you receive! (Amazing for Apple Watch users)
  • Bulk Swipe – Quickly scan and read your Smart Inbox groupings, then swipe the group to delete!
Bulk Swipe gestures to delete, move, archive, or snooze! 4 customizable swipe options

There are all sorts of other great features (like snoozing, delayed sending, custom signatures, smart reminders, smart search, as well as several team features) but getting through your email and to the coveted “Inbox Zero” is a piece of cake with Spark by Readdle!

Getting through your email to the coveted “Inbox Zero” is a piece of cake with Spark

Spark works with Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and Outlook out of the box but you can also configure accounts manually with the correct settings.

Take it for a spin (it is FREE) and let me know what you think!

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