THIRSTY THURS: RTIC – Started with Coolers. Now with LOTS of other stuff

RTIC has a GREAT sale right now! 30-60% off and free shipping over $50 order. All RTIC drinkware is vacuum-walled to be sweat free and keep drinks cold (or hot) for a LONG time. But they also sell coolers (think Yeti but a nicer price), hydration packs, and even foldable chairs! Everything is top-notch quality and built to last.

This TechDadCO just picked up several of these on sale! The beach chair is retro awesome and super sturdy…and functional. Arm rests are real wood, and side pouch can accommodate a large drinking vessel as well as a velcro pouch. It folds flat and even has a shoulder strap for carrying on the move! They come in two colors so I got both 🙂 They also retract for supreme lounging.

For the kids we picked up a couple of the kid friendly water bottles (called the “Cub”). Again, super high quality and they come in great colors. I also picked up a larger water bottle (26oz) (that fits into a standard car drink holder!) for the household.

And lastly for the coffee, TechDadCO picked up some of the coffee cups. I got the standard but they also make a tall version. They keep your drink nice and hot in the morning, and with the solid lid, they could easily carry a cocktail in the evening 😉

Check out all the stuff RTIC has in store…especially with the current sale!

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