Just as Good as the Real Thing? Robot Doggo is a Good Boy!

First post from @TechDogMomCO

The Stanford Robotics Club students built a 10 lb Robot Dog and it got me wondering – maybe a Robot Dog is just as good (if not, better) than the real thing? Totally joking, Pepper… kind of.

Check out Stanford’s Robot Dog here.

There are so many wonderful things about having a real-life dog of our own, right? Do I sound unsure? That’s because Robo Dog made me forget all the wonderful things about my dog, Pepper (built-in best friend, my get out and walk-motivator and my most trusted protector) and got me thinking of all the perks that would come with owning a Robo-Dog!

Just to name a few Robot Dog vs. Real Dog perks:

  • No Dog Hair
  • No Vet Visits
  • No Need to Pick Up Dog Poop
  • Training is Included

Shall I go on?

Stanford students are hoping their baseline doggo robot system will be used to create Robo-Dogs that would be capable of even more than they can imagine – like Search & Rescue.

Did I mention it can even jump with joy upon your return home? Robot Dog is pretty cool and cute – but no matter how many bullet points I come up with, I still think having a real dog with real dog hair is hard to beat.

1 thought on “Just as Good as the Real Thing? Robot Doggo is a Good Boy!

  1. As soon as Robo-Dog can do the dishes, sorry Stella – your outta here…

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