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What’s This About

Ring has the secret sauce combining hardware, software, security, into an integrated (and growing) platform for a very reasonable price.

Ring began its early days as a startup called Doorbot by inventor and CEO of Ring, Jamie Siminoff. Jamie started his Doorbot business on Kickstarter (I was part of the Early Bird Campaign – of course) to fulfill the use case of him being able to “answer” his doorbell from his workshop garage where he did all his tinkering and inventing. His first product Doorbot was a video doorbell that “worked” but needed improvement in quality (both software and hardware).

Jamie on Shark Tank Season 5 (He did NOT get a deal!)

After NOT getting the Shark Tank deal, the company was realigned and refocused and re-branded as it is known today, Ring, and expanded into a “Neighborhood Security Ecosystem” by improving the Doorbell Camera, introducing both battery and wired video cameras (with solar panels), Smart lighting, flood light camera replacements, and ultimately a Home Security solution that incorporates all these products into one ecosystem, with the reinvented company goal of making the communities we live in safer for everyone. Not to mention increasing valuation to >$1B and being acquired by Amazon!

Don’t want to install yourself? Hire one of Amazon’s approved installers!

Ring Alarm System

Improved software for existing hardware, as well as some new additions for video surveillance/security continue to be refined and released with impressive functionality. The best part about the Ring System (besides the excellent hardware) is the value/cost for their service: ONLY $100 per year (Yes I said yearly) for all the cloud backup AND 24/7 LIVE Security Monitoring Service, without a term contract! This makes much of the upfront hardware purchase negligible in the relative short term when comparing to something from Brinks or ADT (Many times the legacy players”give” you the crappy hardware, but also “give it to you” in monthly service fees…and frequently increase those when your contracted term is up!)

Newest integration with Ring Alarm are 3rd Party devices (It’s slowly becoming a Smart Home hub, along with its direct integration into the Amazon Echo ecosystem.) The feature I was most impressed with was the integration with Smart Locks. Not only can you control your locks from anywhere via the Ring App, but you can set nearly an unlimited number of Ring Alarm codes via the Ring App after the lock is paired, that will sync with the Smart Lock Keypad for arming and disarming of the door lock. You can still lock the Smart Lock on exit either manually (buy just pressing the “lock” button or by setting up a rule in your Echo to lock after a period of time), but when you type your Alarm/Lock code followed by the “lock” button, it will lock the door and also arm the Ring Alarm System. Simplistically brilliant! Returning home, just using your Smart Lock/Alarm code on the Smart Lock unlocks and disarms the Ring Alarm!

…but when you type your Alarm/Lock code followed by the “lock” button, it will lock the door and also arm the Ring Alarm System. Simplistically brilliant!

No more opening your door and rushing to disarm the alarm system quickly (like when your kids rush from the garage to unlock the door and storm inside) before the police are called 🙂

Tech Dad CO’s Take

What we have in our home:

Not only does Ring offer a great variety of options in their Ring Platform (that is easily scalable with hardware additions) at a very reasonable price, but they have a community platform for sharing video clips and concerns in your neighborhood. Porch Pirates beware! (My hood just helped nab some high schoolers who thought it would be fun to steal an Amazon package off a porch. After about 5 neighbors submitted video and stills to the high school security team, a knock on the door of the victim came with the teenager thief and their father…along with the stolen items to be returned.)

Disclaimer: “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Don’t want to install yourself? Hire one of Amazon’s approved installers!

I would love to hear your comments and thoughts from your experience with Ring, or any questions you have about the Ring Product Platform/Ecosystem. What do you think? Use the comments section below.

8 thoughts on “Ring of Security

  1. I would definitely put a Kwikset Smartcode Z-Wave Electronic Deadbolt on my pantry to monitor…my snacks. Do the deadbolts have a keyed backup?


    1. Haha. Yes the Kwikset I have does have key backup (and other brands do too). Kwikset also has a system that allows you to set the new deadbolt to match your existing/replaced deadbolt!


  2. Nice review! We have the ring doorbell and security system as well. But we never use the motion sensor because we are concerned the dog will set it off. Do you have that issue with Baja? And is the only reason for the wired vs wireless lights/cameras just because of power connections or are there other reasons for one vs the other?


    1. Allie – really good questions! Yes with the motion sensors set to the least sensitive we have not had issues with Baja setting it off when we are out.

      Regarding the wired vs battery lights only functional difference is the motion zone settings are a bit more fine and precise (you can trace out a specific polygon to track motion) with the wired but the motion alerts are both quite good. That being said sometime they are too good and require you turning them off! But Ring is working on “selective alerts” where you could say not alert if your dog goes out in the backyard but will alert if it is a person. They are also working on adding facial recognition for selective alerts for the doorbells!


  3. Spot on review! We made the switch from Brinks to Ring about six months ago and haven’t looked back. Didn’t know about the syncing with the smart locks so can’t wait to try that out.

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