Thanks for the Social Love

Wow! I knew I had some friends but the traffic generated in this first day live is just awesome. Definitely have some great stuff planned. Was not considering video reviews (but someone already asked), was not considering merchandise (but someone already asked about T-shirts with the logo), and was not considering snacks…actually snacks are a great idea 🙂

But to whet your appetite this is the current list I have working for what is to come on Tech Dad CO. If any of these particularly peak your interest, please reply below in the comments section and I will move it up in priority!

In the works for official review:

Anything on this list peak your interest? Comment below to upvote the review!

5 thoughts on “Thanks for the Social Love

  1. I definitely lol’d because I had no idea what a Vanderhall Venice was – but super interested in your smart irrigation and outdoor tv enclosures!

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    1. Sounds great! Stay tuned. I’m going to move these two up for seasonal priority!


  2. Snack preparation technology in a multitasking market. Is a 12-in1 cooker better than a unitasker as making Hungarian mountain goat yogurt?

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  3. I’m glad you’re doing the oven as I was quickly enamored with it when I first saw it. Curious if whatever fancy looking coffee maker you have is worthy of a review?


    1. Yes June Oven and the Behmor coffee maker will be on the list!


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